Every year I do the Summer Sampler that is put out by Faith Jones, Lee Heinrich, and Katie Blakesley.  Let me rephrase that – I attempt to do the Summer Sampler.  They have been on my works in progress list now for a long time.  However, I have not done the Summer Sampler for 2011, and when I saw the email from Katie Blakesley saying they were using it for their Summer Sampler Turns 10 release , I jumped at the chance.  I even wrangled a couple of my quilty friends to join me. 

I’ve decided to use our Aquarelle fat quarter bundle fabric from Art Gallery for the blocks.  For the background I’m going to be using Violet Craft’s White Modern Geo Classic white on white.  I’m super excited because this will be the very first quilt I do that is all fabric from Quilted Connections. 

Tara Pezzino