Rescue Friends Pattern - The Whole Country Caoodle


Pattern includes instructions for quilt, bench pillow, pennant, and patterns for 10 appliques.

Finished size:
Quilt: 46in x 73in
Bench Pillow: 16-1/2in x 43in
Pennant: 56-1/2in x 17in
Single Pennant Size: 11in x 17in

Applique Sizes:
Bearded Dragon: 7-1/2in x 4-1/2in
Cottontail Rabbit: 6in x 7-1/2in
Frog: 5-1/2in x 4-1/2in
Ferret: 5-1/2in x 7-1/2in
Akita/Shiba Inu: 6-1/2in x 7-1/2in
Chinese Crested: 7-1/2in x 7-1/2in
English Mastiff: 7in x 7-1/2in
Bengal Cat: 6-1/2in x 8-1/2in
Tabby/Tiger Cat: 6in x 8-1/2in
Blue Point Siamese Cat: 7in x 8-1/2in