Sew Kind of Wonderful - Boho Cloth - 26 pc 1/2 yard bundle


For years we’ve been on the go, go, go! Our quilting adventures had us traveling around the country and the world where we’ve taught, laughed, mingled and learned from our fellow quilters. Recently we have spent more time at home. We have been inspired by our dwellings, the local places we walk, plants, decor, beautiful baskets, and the endless dazzling shapes of colors, shadows, light upon objects all around us. We stopped, looked around and what we found has filled our hearts with joy… and many more quilts. This last year our quilting has taken on a meta-approach: simply cutting up fabric just to sew it back together. Although the act seems straightforward, the skill and craft are rooted in passion, inspiration and risk taking which is the exact approach that we took in designing Boho Cloth. We had days of hoarding ourselves up in our studio discussing art, music, culture, color and texture. We found elements that we were surrounded by and brought them to life in our fabric. We simply de-signed fabric that we, as quilters, would want to use ourselves. Plainly put, we can’t wait to cut up Boho Cloth, just to sew it back together in a kaleidoscope of confidence and artistry that will then be simply titled a “quilt.” We are excited for you to cut up Boho Cloth just to sew it back together again!

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