Mythical Wieners


Mythical Wieners includes complete instructions for making a 60 in x 75 in quilt (as seen on the cover) or individual blocks for smaller projects. The individual wiener dog/mythical creature hybrid blocks include: the drag-weens (19 in x 24 in each), the uni-ween (21.75 in x 13 in), the griff-ween (23 in x 12 in ), the dach ness monster (40 in x 7.5 in), the front-facing merweens (14.5 in x 20 in each) and the sideways merween (20 in x 11 in ). The pattern also includes six smaller filler blocks including: a fire flourish, a heart, a sword, flowers, jewels and a crown. This project is designed using conventional piecing techniques (no paper-piecing).

Pattern by Art East Quilting