Once upon a time I drew up a quilt block that looked just like my Mama's house, in real life. Then, I got a little carried away. I started looking up floor plans from the 1940's, and began drafting blocks for each. Boy was that fun. Then, just to make sure there was an overload of cute, I decided to add a picket fence to the mix. My Mom always said I wanted to rule the world when I was little--at this point, I think I'll settle for designing my own neighborhood ;)

Have a delightful time constructing your Neighborly quilt!

71" x 77"



House 1 (orange/yellow):

Roof/Shutters: 1/3 yard

Roof Peak: Fat Eighth

House Paint: Fat Quarter

House 2 (aqua/red):

Roof: Fat Eighth

Chimney: 10” square

Roof Peak: Fat Eighth

House Paint: 1/3 yard

Shutters: Fat Eighth

House 3 (yellow/red):

Roof/Garage: 1/3 yard

Shutters/Chimney: 10” square

House Paint: 1/3 yard

House 4 (green/aqua):

Roof: Fat Quarter

Dormer Windows: Fat Eighth

Shutters: 10” square

House Paint: Fat Quarter

House 5 (pink/red):

Roof/Shutters: Fat Quarter

House Paint: 1/3 yard

Door/Window: 5/8 yard


Grass: 1 1/2 yards

Fence: 1 1/8 yards

Background: 2 yards

Border: 3/4 yard

Binding: 5/8 yards

Backing: 4 3/4 yards