Pie In The Sky by Tilda - Tassel Flower Red- 100495

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By Tilda

here's the deets...

This collection is a sweet and colorful nod to children like me who struggle with dyslexia and cope by creating alternative, creative worlds full of ideas – hence the collection name, Pie in the Sky. By being patient and continuing to create, you will eventually find your place in the world.

The Pie in the Sky collection is a fresh array of fabrics for spring and summer, with doodle-like flowers giving the designs a naive and effortless feel. The sweet motives and colors have a vintage look that was the point of departure for several quilt designs. Fun fabric names like WillyNilly, Whimsybird, TopsyTurvy and Cloudpie invite you to indulge in a happy, creative sewing escape.

Collection : Pie In the Sky
Designer : Tilda
Fabric Width : 44"
Fiber : 100% Premium Cotton

Availability: 3.25 Yards